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                  Live The Life You Love   



                                                         Explore Your Own Potential

                                Pursue a Satisfying Career

                                Build Self Confidence

                                Live Joyfully

                                Experience  Harmonious Living



















Take control and get organised!

Selling your home?

Moving in to a great new space?


Managing a deceased estate?

Setting up your small business?

Organising and De Cluttering can make a big difference to your environment.





Build confidence and take action!

Set some goals

Understand your current situation

Build an action plan

If you are willing to change some things in your life then new paths will appear.

Do you want to get that job ?

Your resume will be the first step towards a job interview.

If you present yourself effectively on paper, people will want to meet you.

Fast and effective resumes can help you with the application process.



Welcome to Genxx Life


"Women Making Changes With Confidence and Taking Control of Their Lives"


As a Certified Personal Coach (ICF), Well Being and Career Coach (ICF) and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (ICF), it is my passion in life to show women how they can be the masters of their own destiny.


With the right support, tools, people, networks and resources, it is possible to be in control of your choices, enjoy the work you do and live with a feeling of absolute vitality. You can make changes to your life and be in control of the outcomes.


My career spans over 20 years experience in business (10 as a Director), and 16 years in the Personnel industry, I have been fortunate to help people with lifsetyle changes, coaching, career counselling, recruitment support,mentoring and re-organising their spaces. I am also a member of the Australia Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO). My focus is supporting women managing change to their mind, body and their spaces.



Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Queensland, Australia

Trish Keyte   

Tel: +61 452 48 34 43

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