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Journey versus Destination

Your journey of one thousand miles starts with the first step.

Your journey starts and ends with every step you take through your life. Small triumphs set your path and each minor discovery is as important as the destination and set the scene for who you become as a person.

Sports people and Olympic athletes spend years preparing and training for an important race or challenge, thriving to be the winner and be better than the rest. So I ask myself which is more relevant – is it really the feeling of achievement and progression up to the event or the fleeting moment of a victory, only to be a moment of euphoria – but not long after to have a sudden release from the long term stress of arriving finally at that moment.

Are we confusing the goal with the effort we needed to reach it? Are we ignoring the process that allowed us to reach that destination and have we diminished the value of the journey and its capacity for bringing about real and lasting benefits and change to ourselves. Can we learn from the lessons that flow from the journey?

Our preoccupation with the end causes us to overlook the excitement, the challenges and the importance of each of our steps.

The main journey is never ending and sometimes takes us back to the place where we began, with a new appreciation and a deeper understanding.

Take time to reflect and determine your next course, as the triumph of your destination is just the prelude to your next journey and your future lessons.

Enjoy your journey.

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