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Dare to Dream – Are your dreams significant?

Did you know that at the end of your life, you may have spent approximately 6 years dreaming?

We often as the question of our dreams and whether they play any relevant part in our thinking or experiences. The answer is yes!

Every hour or so we enter the REM (rapid eye movement) state and this is where we dream intensely. It is the highest brainwave activity period. It is at this time we can be using a lot of our energy.

Our dreams do serve as a unique purpose, it’s the actual portal that we use to let truths surface through using the subconscious. They can contain powerful messages to grab your attention when all else may have failed. Your dreams can tell you when you may need some healing or when you are being led astray. If you direct your attention to some of your dreams they may become more memorable or vivid.

Our dreams offer us multiple purposes – insights into the drama of our waking lives. The subconscious can be like a movie director producing your own movie - bringing all the messages and guidance you need at that time.

Your dreams can hold the keys to all your secret fears and desires and can be constructed by your highest self.

Dream interpretation can be lots of fun and help you understand what might be unveiling itself in your life at the time. If you do some research into the symbolism of your dreams, you may uncover some answers to your questions.

“Follow your dreams and the universe will open doors where you thought there were walls”

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