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Are You following Your Life's Direction

Being open to your life’s direction means trying to go with the flow of the river instead of swimming against the tide. How many of us are exhausted by December, wondering where the time went?

I ask myself this question at the end of every year... Was I open to my life’s direction and just going with what is showing up for me or was I trying to steer and direct my life by striving, succeeding and trying to make everything happen, sometimes for others.

Enjoying every phase of your life means accepting and surrendering to changes in your circumstances, your work and the friends you choose to support you on your journey.

Reflect on what has just showed up when you needed it.

The investment you make in yourself is the biggest and best investment of your lifetime. Take time for self-care – looking after your health and giving yourself permission to relax. Enjoy the people who give you your energy and do some stuff that makes you happy on the inside.

Happy holidays and safe travels. See you in 2017.

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