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Change The Way You See Things ...

And the things you are seeing will change

We all fear the change and the consequences that may come from it. Our inner being wants to grow and evolve but we stay with the familiar because we are comfortable.

If you respond to the fear of failure, then you will never grow as a person. If you believe it will be a positive outcome you will see the opportunities. If you believe in a negative outcome, then you will see the obstacles.

When you are inspired by a great purpose, a passion you have all your thoughts break their barriers, your mind is not thinking of limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in this new motivated and euphoric state of mind.

So, when we step back and examine our limiting belief, we can recognize that nothing can stand in our way of our goals and dreams but US.

Let Passion Be Your Power

P.S FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

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