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Are You Better Than You Think ?

Do you know what you are uniquely good at?

Women often diminish their strengths, but knowing your strengths, being clear on what you are good at and knowing the value that you bring at work and in your personal life builds your self esteem.

A great idea is to first articulate to yourself, and then to other people, what it is that you are uniquely good at. This will make a huge difference to your confidence, progress, and overall enjoyment in life.

Identify your strengths

Often women are very unconsciously competent, which means you are very good at something but are unaware of it.

It’s important to do some research then, to understand your strengths. Once you understand what you do better than some, you go from being unconsciously competent to conscious confidence.

Once you discover what you’re good at, it’s a very empowering state, you can then choose where to direct your attention, and what paths to follow.

Think of yourself as a brand that needs to be marketed effectively. Consider what your best selling points are, and how you can best showcase them.

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