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Change Your Perceptions

Interpreting our experience in our lives is probably one of the primary mental tasks we have.

We use 'frames' to make sense of what we see or experieince. This is our own mental structure that is born from our assumptions, our beliefs and our expectations. From this, we can create the 'meaning' and in turn - our perceptions.

Most of us have frames whihc have been developed through ur unconcious processing as children, but when we are younger we are trusting that our experieinces are 'real. Our brains are very underdevleoped at this point in our lives so we assume it is true. This can cause us to have negative and biased frames in our adult life.

The process of changing old frames into new ones is called 'reframing' - a concious shift in our persepctive. because our thoughts influence our emotions this involves us altering our emotional outlook. Left unchecked, this could alter our entire perspective.

Challenging your persepctives is a hard change to make but worthwhile if you want to see your life circumstances differently. Imagine yourself advising a friend about a situation and apply that perspective to yours.

You can add some resilience and encouragment to your life by just seeing it differently.

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