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Face Your Fears and Do It Anyway

The truth is that people who are successful, confident and wealthy still feel fear. The reason they are successful is not due to the absence of fear but that they choose to engage with their fear differently. Successful people choose to act despite their fear.

Feeling fear is a vital survival tactic and its designed to keep you safe. It is how you handle fear that matters and determines how you would like to live your life.

To make changes in your life means you need to do things differently and get outside your comfort zone. Manage your fear and take some control of your emotions. The more you retreat, the more you will have to retreat further. When you avoid it, your fear then grows. Expose yourself to anxiety provoking situations and your anxiety will eventually diminish.

The first step to fighting this fear is shifting your body out of "flight or fight" mode by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. You can do this by deep breathing exercises, this brings the brain back into the now.

Try this simple excercise. Slowing your breathing down:

  • Close your eyes and deep breath in

  • Exhale and count ‘10’ in your mind

  • Repeat and count ‘9’ in your mind

  • Continue until you reach a count of 0

Just aim to lengthen your breath, breathing into your stomach, not just your chest.

What do you want to do in your life that hasn’t happened due to your fear? Face them, find your truth and be courageous – then you can look back on your life without regrets.

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