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Difficult Roads - Beautiful Destinations

Sometimes in life we don't see the good in the bad. Here are some reasons we travel the difficult roads to arrive at an amzazing destination.

We can appreciate the good after the bad

The hard times in life are a blessing in disguise, because they allow us to be more grateful for the good times. There is no rainbow without rain. The sun always shines through the clouds eventually after the storm.

Hanging in there will lead to victory

Working hard and perseverance pays off in the end. Keep going and you will reach your goal destination. Believe it – if you want it badly enough life will reward you with it. Oasis’s are found in arid deserts amongst dry and desolate environments. Keep walking through the fire – you will come out the other side.

The gift of patience

Allow your life to just happen, don’t force or manipulate the circumstances – hold out your hands to receive. Accept and surrender and receive the gift of patience. Non-resistance helps you move into a more peaceful place in your mind.

Recognising the irony in your life

Life requires great sacrifice and an understanding of the duality of the universe. It takes sadness to know happiness, pain to know pleasure, and weakness to know strength. It also takes the hard times to know the good times,

Life let’s you see what you want and what you don't care for

You had to walk that path to know that it wasn’t right for you in the first place. The bumpy roads we often walk down toughen up our feet, but they also help to illuminate our true path.

Remember: A rainbow cannot be created without rain.

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