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Stop Self Sabotage - Start Believing

What is the biggest way we can stop ourselves from accomplishing what we desire ...

Self -Sabotage – negative thoughts, feelings and self-destructive behaviour.

So, how is that we know that an inner saboteur is at work? The biggest tell-tale sign is that there is something we consciously want, but we seem to do everything in our power, on a sub conscious level, to make sure we do not get it.

By acting against our self-interests, we prevent ourselves from reaching goals, achieving success and having fulfillment in our lives.

Why Do We Do It?

The reason we self - sabotage is to protect ourselves. This springs from our sub conscious minds, rooted in the form of negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

They protect us from experiencing negative outcomes like failure, disappointment or pain which we expect to occur. Through this process of sabotage, we don’t experience the negative outcomes we fear, but nor do we succeed in achieving what we consciously want.

They give the illusion of protection by keeping us within our comfort zone but, they prevent us from moving forward in life.

Creating New Empowering Beliefs.

Changing our internal dialogue and switching from negative to positive.

You can list the limiting beliefs you have identified and in the other column the advantageous beliefs – the ones that will help you get what you want. Then list the long-term benefits would be if you change your beliefs.

What would they help you achieve? Who will they help you become? What impact would they have on the various areas of your life.

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