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2020 -Your Chance For a New Beginning?

Our current worldwide challenge in 2020 is forcing us to change the way we normally do things. We live in auto pilot to a certain extent, moving from one routine to the next routine or as some say “going through the motions”

Habits often feel like we are on a repeat cycle – locked inside a behavioural type maze. Our control centre for habits is inside the brain (basil ganglia to be exact). When we repeat something enough times, it becomes a habit and then the basil ganglia takes ownership over the next set of activities, this relieves the rest of the brain from having to think about it. If we did not have these habits the brain would shut down, overwhelmed by the minutiae of daily life.

Habits are made by you and then stored forever so you cannot rid yourself of a bad habit but what you can do is change your routines.

Have you ever wanted to break free, do something different, start again so to speak? This comes from a desire to learn new things, behave differently, and rid yourself of the dissatisfaction that arises from the lack of excitement in your life.

Guess what everyone …. We now have time to study and learn, break into new routines, change the way we do things and CREATE a fresh start.

I say, lets take full advantage of the worldwide transformation and use it to break into a fresh new dynamic way of living and live our best lives!

If life hands you lemons, then make some great lemonade

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