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                            " Welcome to Genxx Life "


 Hi there, 

Life throws us all sorts of curve balls that's for sure! If you have found this site then I guess you are making some major decisions for yourself.

My focus is to spend my time educating and supporting other women who would like to explore their own potential, pursue a satisfying career, build confidence, live joyfully and experience a harmonious and authentic way of living.

Are you making a transition from a long term relationship or have you decided to make some changes in your life that will benefit you in some way?


Women's wellness and creating a fabulous life balance is important to all of us looking for a harmonious and enjoyable life. It is my passion in life to show women how they can be the masters of their own destiny.


With the right support, tools, people, networks and resources, it is possible to be in control of your choices. You can enjoy the work you do and live with a feeling of absolute vitality, make significant changes to your life and be in control of your outcomes.


The women I have met have come from all walks of life and I have been fortunate to be able to help them with lifestyle changes, coaching, careers, and also re organising their homes and work spaces. My passion is to support and connect women making changes to their mind, their bodies and their spaces.


In the last 18 years, I have devoted my time to studying mind body connections and how you can achieve wellness through managing your thoughts, your physical health and the environment you live in. YOU can make the changes required to “love the life you live”.


My life has been envigorating, I have been exposed to many life changing situations and circumstances which enabled me to be able to support women who wish to explore their own transformation. Through one on one coaching and group workshops, you can learn health and wellness techniques, It is possible to create a satisfying and healthy way of living.




Live the Life You Love!

Tricia Keyte

Womens Wellness Coach (ICF)

NLP Practitioner (ICF)

Professional Organiser (AAPO)



"Strive for optimal well-being emotionally and physically, and love the life you live.”


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