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Your Space

Organise Your Home and De Clutter

Design and plan a new space - Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

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Would you like to feel like your home is a little more organised? Creating storage ideas and more space to move is important to ourselves and our families.

Renovating or changing the mood or environment in your home? New colours and shapes and re aligning of furniture can make spaces much more appealing.


Simplify your spaces

Create new energies by donating or removing unwanted furniture and personal belongings. We can help you to help others with unwanted furniture, clothing and toys. Our favourite charities appreciate the support too.


Organise and use great storage ideas

Make room for the things that really have the most meaning to you or are relevant to your day.


Create harmony

Come home to a relaxing and calming environment. Imagine the warmth of our living room in the winter, the coolness of the garden in summer, colour to enlighten our senses, lovely textures, shapes and mood enhancing spaces. 


Initial personal consultation
1 hour Mon to Fri
1 hour Sat
1/2 Day (4 hrs)
Mon to Fri
1/2 Day (4 hrs)
Sat 8 to 12
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