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Is Your Ego Ruling Your Life

We do have choices in life and when it comes to making decisions we are all pulled between our egos ( our false selves) and our higher selves, or our souls.Two different results will come from wich one you choose.

Your ego loves to thrive in a constant state of turmoil and your soul self prefers a more harmonious resolution. If the solution provides a peaceful feeling, that is your soul speaking.

Our egos love life on the edge, the ego doesn't want you to evolve and grow as a person. it loves inner turmoil and chaos, constant distractions and external fixations. This is, in essence,your false self dominating your life and your experiences. It will push you to fight.

Letting your higher self lead you towards resolution will bring some serenity and peace to you.

Your choices and your decisions create your outcomes, its really up to you to choose which it is you prefer ... constant inner turmoil or harmony?

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