Energy Vampires - Do You know Any

The success of overcoming the barriers in your life would not be possible without the support of others. We all have those fabulous people in our lives that inspire and share our dreams and hopes and give you all the support in the world… and then there are the ones who do not. These are the people who take from you. These people come in the form of friends, lovers, work colleagues, family members and those whom you have never met before. Can you relate to some of these types of people? Jealous Jenny – she is the one who can’t feel happiness for anyone else Blaming Belinda – she is one who takes no responsibility at all Deb Downer – gossip queen, whiner and drama queen expert Guilt Tripper T

Face Your Fears and Do It Anyway

The truth is that people who are successful, confident and wealthy still feel fear. The reason they are successful is not due to the absence of fear but that they choose to engage with their fear differently. Successful people choose to act despite their fear. Feeling fear is a vital survival tactic and its designed to keep you safe. It is how you handle fear that matters and determines how you would like to live your life. To make changes in your life means you need to do things differently and get outside your comfort zone. Manage your fear and take some control of your emotions. The more you retreat, the more you will have to retreat further. When you avoid it, your fear then grows. Expos

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