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Energy Vampires - Do You know Any

The success of overcoming the barriers in your life would not be possible without the support of others. We all have those fabulous people in our lives that inspire and share our dreams and hopes and give you all the support in the world… and then there are the ones who do not.

These are the people who take from you. These people come in the form of friends, lovers, work colleagues, family members and those whom you have never met before.

Can you relate to some of these types of people?

  • Jealous Jenny – she is the one who can’t feel happiness for anyone else

  • Blaming Belinda – she is one who takes no responsibility at all

  • Deb Downer – gossip queen, whiner and drama queen expert

  • Guilt Tripper Teresa – she loves shaming you

  • Insecure Irma – due to her low self- esteem, she loves to put you down

  • Bully Brenda – elevates her ego by stomping on you and treats you as the little guy

  • Fun Hating Harriet – unable to embrace any joy whatsoever

These girls cannot sustain their own life force so they will latch onto the ones they can feed from, slowly sucking the life out of you.

Your relationships are an exchange of energy. You are the guardian of your energetic space so surround yourself with people who promote that same concept. Creating your own energy force field helps with managing the way you live and feel.

Keep or discard – you decide. Ask yourself these simple questions:

Can you trust them with your dreams, fears and secrets?

Do they make you feel loved and supported?

Is the energy equal or one sided?

Can you be yourself without being mocked or judged?

We only have limited time in this life – how and who do you want to spend it with?

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