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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy

Self -sabotage is a limiting behaviour. When you engage in this

you make choices which can actively prevent you from achieving your goal.

Some examples of this behaviour and possible reasons are things like:

Being unfaithful in a committed relationship - hurt the relationship before it hurts you?

Hungover for a job interview – increased responsibility and the pressure to perform in the new job?

Maximising your credit card when you have a goal to get out of debt – fear of growing up or new financial responsibilities at the end of it – like a mortgage?

Binge eating when all you want to do is loose weight – a fear of being found attractive by the opposite sex which could make you emotionally vulnerable and result in getting hurt?

Self-sabotage is a way of preventing yourself reaching a goal by ensuring that your success is no longer possible. Sabotage is a fear of success – you are, on some level, afraid of the impact of achieving your goal – or what impact that achievement would have on your life. Subconsciously you do your best to prevent it from happening.

If you find yourself engaging in some behaviour you feel may be supporting this hidden fear of success, identify it and start observing when it occurs. Remember ... you make the choices in your life and are responsible for your own destiny so you can change it just as easily.

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