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Living A Lovely Life in 2020

It may come as some sort of surprise to us all that we are always surrounded by beauty and wonderful things, but the problem is in this modern world we are FAR too busy.

If we are not on our mobile phones 24/7, our IPAD, the tablet, our emails, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter we are working 40 hours a week, running a family home, being a mother, wife, friend or cab driver to someone else.

Exhausting stuff ladies. Are we also living other peoples lives?

I have come to my own conclusion that most of us are too busy, self-absorbed and distracted with life that we are not noticing what is surrounding us. Are we noticing the ‘simple’ things?

Reconnect with Yourself

How do we feel grounded and happy – you may use Yoga, a great book, a walk by the sea, tea in the sun, a sleep in a hammock or an even a walk in nature. Remember to restore yourself regularly.

Slow down and do things that bring you joy – its great alone if you can.

De-clutter your ‘Stuff”

Your home and environment affect your emotional health and well- being. Visual noise will increase your stress and may make you sad and anxious.

Not all your things hold positive energy. Attachment to the past and fears for the future may govern what you select to ‘own’.

Slow Down

Resist the need to be busy and productive. Start valuing your experiences and being grateful for the simple things in your life. Let go of those things and people who no longer serve you. Notice the beauty that is all around once these things are gone and new energy arrives in its place.

Create Your beautiful Life Right Now – Enjoy it today as yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

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