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Doing Things Differently This Year

Positive habits have the power to make your life easier. We seem to sometimes hold on to ideas, habits, people and things that cause pain and suffering. Staring in the new year, lets let go of things that no longer serve us.

When we unblock our energy, kidney energy can flow to the heart centre our life force flows up to higher levels of awareness and being. Then we can see things more clearly, depression can lift, we become more compassionate, understanding and patient with life. Personal horizons are expanded, and sex can even become more cosmic than ever!

Here are some things to do more and less of:

Do More…

Celebrating things, laughing, dancing, crying, deep breathing, spending time in nature, forgive others, eat well, forgive yourself, resting, meditating, feeling and being vulnerable sometimes.

Do Less…

Comparing, blaming, criticising, gossiping, complaining, buying useless crap, controlling, eating bad foods, eating too much sugar, resisting change and staying up really late.

Embrace your transformation this year in 2019 and evolve! Good luck and have fun this year.

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