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Who Am I - Personal Development Time

Do we have time for personal development ?

Have you ever considered that personal development is not an activity, course or book you read then tick off as being complete, instead it is a constant exploration and unfoldment of self realising and self-connection.

This would mean that in fact, personal development is not acheived in anything that comes from outside of you that tries to 'improve' or 'fix' your pyschological wellbeing - the basis that you are 'wrong or 'broken' is a model that does not truly develop you.

Personal development can be looked at as a way of connecting and uncovering our true potential that is always there inside of us waiting to be tapped into. We all know that we have an inner wisdom and value, we just need support and the tools to get us connected with it.

Learn to personally develop yourself from the inside out rather than looking for fulfillment and identify from outside ourselves.

Our well being doesn't come from changing ourselves for the better: but rather it comes from developing our existing true qualities and learning how to express them fully.

Learn who you are and embrace it !

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